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KillerCreation Networks - About Us - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

KillerCreation Limited ("KillerCreation" or "we") believe that you the customer should have the best quality service possible, whilst at the same time having as much freedom to use our service as you wish. We will be doing our very best to provide a quality and reliable service at the best possible price. We can only achieve this with a little help from you, the customer.

To assist us with providing you with the best service possible we must insist on a few basic terms below.

Terms and Conditions:

1) Duration of contract

Section a)

Dedicated servers, game servers and voice server.

Your service will last for the duration that you have paid for. If you order and pay for a yearly service on the 14th of December 2008, your service will expire on the 14th of December 2009 (unless additional payment is provided to renew the service prior to expiration). We reserve the right to suspend / terminate your service with us should you be found to use your service outside of our acceptable use and security policies (please refer to section 3).

Section b)


Colocation services are subject to 30 days written cancellation notice prior to the paid expiration date. We reserve the right to suspend / terminate any service found in be in breach of our acceptable use and security policies (please refer to section 3).

2) Quality of service

We aim to provide our users with the best possible services, at the best possible prices. We strive to maintain top-level 'uptime'. KillerCreation puts our customers first. We believe that customer support is a crucial part of any self-respecting company, and thus provide comprehensive support via e-mail: support[at] as well as via IRC ( on Quakenet IRC). Our strong support team is a key part in providing a quality service to you. Such high quality can only be achieved if users adhere to the few requirements outlined in our Terms & Conditions (particular attention to be paid to section 3).

3) Acceptable Use and security Policies

Section a)

Please refer to the acceptable use and security policies ("AUP") detailed here:

Section B)

Dedicated Server Bandwidth Packages

Unlimited Gaming Bandwidth Package

Port presentation: 100/1000Mbit full duplex
Bandwidth usage: Unmetered
Permitted applications: Game server traffic only

Selecting this option means that you agree to only using your dedicated server to run game servers. The service includes unlimited bandwidth but only for game traffic and excludes massive multiplayer online games (MMOG/MMORPG's). Any use of the server beyond this purpose such as file sharing, is strictly prohibited. Please note: We allow for the installation of applications such as MySQL and Apache which various stat add-ons require as well voice comms such as Teamspeak or Ventrilo.

Any Use Server Bandwidth Package

Port presentation: 100/1000Mbit full duplex
Bandwidth usage: 30Mbit 95th percentile included (approximately equivalent to 10,000GB of data transfer)
Permitted applications: Any

Selecting this option allows you to install and run any application with the exception of IRCD's which are strictly prohibited. This package allows bandwidth usage up to 20Mbit 95th Percentile through the month. Please note: We in no way cap or restrict network ports and exceeding the bandwidth limits by a vast amount will result in additional charging of £10+VAT per Mbit based on 95th Percentile billing.

Unmetered 100mbit or 100Mbit Bandwidth Packages

Port presentation: 100Mbit or 1000Mbit full duplex
Bandwidth Usage limits: Unmetered
Permitted applications: Any

Selecting this option provides a flat rate, unmetered connection per month. Like the Any Use Bandwidth Package, you can install and run any application with the exception of IRCD's which are strictly prohibited. There are no bandwidth restrictions other than the purchased capacity of the line (100/1000Mbit.)

4) Abusive Remark

Discrimination, racialism, and remarks regarding KillerCreation, KillerCreation staff, customers, and company sponsors is regarded as an offence, and can lead to suspension or termination of your account and permanent ban on all our systems, you will not have the right to claim a refund or use legal action against us.

5) Contract Renegotiation

If KillerCreation receives an unforeseen price increase in our bandwidth, colocation costs and/or circumstances beyond its control that alter the performance of the service we have may have to renegotiate your current contract before your next payment, unfortunately this may result in an increase in your monthly payments.

6) Indemnity

The user shall indemnify KillerCreation against any and all claims, damages, actions, liabilities, costs and expenses including reasonable lawyer's fee and expenses arising out of:
The user breaching or its non-observance of these Terms and Conditions; or
Any breach or inaccuracy in any of the User's representation or warranties.

7) Changing our terms

KillerCreation reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

8) Refunds
Once payment has been received for a service hosted by KillerCreation, you cannot claim or we cannot give you a refund under any circumstances unless the service has not been installed within 14 days. In the unlikely event of this happening, a full refund would be issued.

9) Faults, Downtime and Errors
The user accepts that there may occasionally be problems with computers and telecommunication systems. Consequently, the user accepts that there may be periods of downtime, relating to the Services and/or web site, in which the user cannot access these. However, Killer Creation will maintain reasonable effort to minimize these periods. The user accepts that is such cases of downtime, they will have no claim of breach of contract. When possible Killer Creation will notify the User of predicted downtime and/or scheduled downtime for upgrades, updates, etc.

10) Slot changing and branding

Under no circumstances can the user change server slots over what was originally paid or remove the branding from their game server’s hostname, unless the service purchased was unbranded. Any user found to in breach will have their game server suspended until the either the slots or hostname has been adjusted.

11) Official Ranked Game Servers

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (EA/DICE)
Battlefield: 1943 (EA/DICE)
Battlefield: 2142 (EA/DICE)
Battlefield: 2 (EA/DICE)
Battlefield: 3 (EA/DICE)
Medal of Honor (2010) (EA/DICE)
Crysis (EA/Crytek)
Crysis 2 (EA/Crytek)
World in Conflict (Ubisoft/Massive)

A breach of the relevant party’s terms of use will result in services terminated with immediate effect and without refund. For the most up-to-date server regulations, please review the relevant parties official website.

12) Subscriptions and reoccurring payments

KillerCreation offers a subscription service as one of the available payment methods. Please note: It is the users responsibility to cancel this subscription should they not wish to carry on the service. KillerCreation will not refund under any circumstances should the user forget to cancel.

13) Backups

KillerCreation does not maintain backups for any services including, but not limited to: Dedicated servers, game servers, voice servers, and web services. KillerCreation recommends that all customers perform regular backups of their data to protect against any unforeseen failure.

The above are very basic rules that 99% of people comply with without having to think about it. You are free to use our services as long and as often as you please - whenever you please; as long as you conform to the Acceptable Use Policy. Users who are found, beyond a doubt, to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions, will have their account status seriously reviewed, leading to either suspension, or termination without a refund.

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