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KillerCreation Networks - Network Info - RT-2 - 6504-E SUP720

RT-2 - 6504-E SUP720

Located in Centro North of London, Router 2 (RT-2) is a Cisco Catalyst 6504-E fitted with a Supervisor Engine 720, X6748-GE-TX and X6408A line card modules. RT-2 is feed via two private layer 1 wavelengths to Telehouse North and primarily handles layer 2 distribution to dedicated servers housed in Centro.

Below is an old pic of the route. New pics to follow shortly.

Cisco Catalyst 6504-E SUP 720


Some Specs for the tech nuts

Supervisor Engine 720
: The Catalyst 6500 series equipped with Supervisor Engine 720 sets the standard for multilayer switches and application delivery in enterprise campus and service provider switched networks. By deploying the Supervisor Engine 720 in network core and distribution layers, datacenters and metro Ethernet edges, the Catalyst 6500 can help maximize user productivity, enable new revenue generating services and enhance operational control. Additionally, the Supervisor Engine 720 provides investment protection for current Catalyst 6500 deployments by supporting existing modules while enabling new applications. The Catalyst 6500 Supervisor Engine 720 integrates a high performance 720 Gbps switch fabric with a new routing and forwarding engine, including a third generation Policy Feature Card (PFC3) in a single module. The Supervisor 720 builds on the proven Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) architecture, by supporting centralized forwarding (CEF), distributed forwarding (dCEF) and, now, accelerated CEF (aCEF) to provide a highly scalable and cost-effective platform that is ideal for high performance backbone and data center environments. Supervisor Engine 720 delivers the scalable-performance, intelligence, and broad selection of features to address the most demanding service provider and enterprise deployment requirements for building modular, resilient, scalable, secure, multilayer switching solutions.

Catalyst 6504-E Chassis : The Cisco Catalyst WS-C6504-E Chassis is a 320-Gbps, small form factor, high-performance chassis. With the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Supervisor Engine 720, it can deliver up to 80 Gbps of switching capacity per slot. The 6504-E Catalyst switch offers the broadest range of interface modules with industry-leading performance and advanced feature integration. With this flexibility the Cisco Catalyst 6504-E is suitable for deployments ranging from small and medium-sized core networks to distribution and access networks and to the WAN edge. With high availability and resiliency the platform is well suited for metro provider-edge applications. The 4-slot Cisco Catalyst 6504-E Chassis delivers performance in a compact 5-rack-unit (5-RU) form factor. It can be configured two ways-with a single supervisor engine and up to three line cards, or with dual supervisor engines and up to two line cards. The Cisco Catalyst 6504-E also supports redundant AC or DC power supplies.

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